Here at The GLASS FROG we’re all about celebrating the right things, and there is always something spectacular to get excited about. This time, Winter is our chosen topic for festivities and we have set up the G&T Social Club to kick it off with a bang.


While we like our lofty descriptions and niche reasons to celebrate as much as the next person, we will admit that the G&T Social Club is simply another reason to celebrate and enjoy life by doing the things you love to do most.

We could go on all day about how this event is the perfect way to welcome in the colder months, but we all know that its just a great excuse for our unbeatable £5 double G&T all night specials, every Thursday.

Happy hour in Abbeydale has never felt so sophisticated…

What more is there to say about it, what’s not to love?

The best celebrations are the impromptu ones where you can adlib your way through the night and open yourself up to the evening’s potential, so why stifle your plans by making you book for our G&T Social Club.

All you need to do is drop in, say hi, and enjoy yourself with our weekly £5 double G&T all night specials.



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